A social curse of Haryana and western U.P. the family killings of love birds is going to be shown on big screen too. A medical professional Dr.Anurag Bishnoi is producing a film Parampara – The Honour Killing under the banner of his film company Anushri Media.

Dr. Bishnoi hails originally from Dhampur in western U.P. and has written the story himself after doing a long research. He says that these so called honour killings can never be justified and even those who kill their own members regret when the intoxication of false pride calms down.

The direction of this film has been entrusted to Bobby Singh who has to his credit of introducing famous politician Kripa Shankar Singh in his film Gobar Singh. Bobby singh has also successfully directed many films including Mangalsutra, Damad Ji etc.

Bobby Singh is also started acting in the films and Current Mare Goria starring him is on the sets now.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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