Manoj Tiwari is using every possible opportunity to promote Bhojpuri in the house of “Bigg Boss”. At the beginning he presented “Hum Hain Bhojpuria Don” when he was introduced to the audience as a participant. Then a few days back Manoj Tiwari sang his song “Bagal wali Jaan Mareli” and was successful in making Dolly Bindra dance on the tune. Then he was entrusted to teach Hindi to Pamela Anderson and he took this opportunity to teach her a few Bhojpuri lines as well. Pamela learnt fast and started speaking a few words of Hindi. Manoj Tiwari was hopeful to teach enough Bhojpuri to Pamela but, unfortunately, her stay in the house was very short for that purpose.
Manoj Tiwari is also teaching nuances of music to wrestler Khali. Khali says Manoj is his bosom friend now. It is assumed and hoped that Manoj Tiwari will be successful in becoming the Boss of the house this season.

(Source – Shashi Kant Singh)


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