Action star of Bhojpuri cinema Ajay Dixit has made a grand opening in year 2011 with successful film “Karent Mare Goriya”. He has done the role of an honest polic officer in the fillm and the film is doing great business these days. Made under the banner of Maruti Creations by Raman Pachauri and Abha Singh the film is directed by T.Bobby singh. Viewers are praising the role of Ajay in the fil. Ajay and whole unit of the film is enthusiased with the success of the film.

Next film of Ajay Dixit in row is “Papi Ke Pap Kahe Ganga Dhoye” directed by Braj Bhushan. It is already presumed a hit film due to its good storyline and able direction of BrajBhushan. Next will be his film “Baagi” written and directed by A.R.S.Sarkar. The story of the film covers only 20 hours and shows the torture meted out to brick klin workers. This is going to be an off beat Bhojpuri film.Ranu Pandey is the lead actress.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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