Gunjan Kapoor has become a synonym for success in Bhojpuri cinema. She has done nearly a dozen films in Bhojpuri and is on a golden journey of success. Recently we met on the sets of “Papi Ke Paap Kahe Ganga Dhoye” directed by Brij Bhushan. She was shooting a romantic scene with the hero of the film Ajay Dixit. Gunjan said talking about herself and her career that she does not like kissing and obscene scenes and want to preserve her image as an actress. She accepts only those films which she can see sitting with her family.

Gunjan Kapoor accepted that initially she had felt difficulty speaking Bhojpuri. She was then already doing Punjabi, Gujarati, and Hindi films. But now she is very comfortable with Bhojpuri and thinks it a very sweet and nice language. Bhojpuri film industry is now her second family. The best thing about Bhojpuri films is its short making period and these films do not wait for ages like those of Hindi cinema. She has done only three Hindi films by now and hopes she will get good and challenging roles in mainline Hindi films.

The film “Papi Ke Paap Kahe Ganga Dhoye” is being shot at Ekma and Ganjpar villages in Chapra district since 22nd October and has a schedule of 25 days. Director of the film Brij Bhushan said that the film is based on a true story. Ajay Dixit is the hero of the film and his earlier film “Betwa Bahubali” was a super hit in Bihar while “Najariya Tohase Lagee” too did a good business in Bihar.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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