Mahuaa TV is showing a Big Boss type reality show called Badka Sahab these days on Fridays and Saturdays from 7.00 PM in which famous actor Gajendra Chauhan is playing the Badka Sahab. This Friday, 5th August, Hot Girl of Bhojpuri cinema Monalisa is getting a flash entry in the show and will provide enough entertainment with her antics, jokes, pranks, and dancing.

It starts with a dream in Tejas Tiwari’s sleep. Tejas dreams that he is having and affair with the hot-girl Monalisa and another participant of Badka Sahab Subo Mukherjee is also trying to flirt with her. This leads a competetion between these two, both trying his best to impress Monalisa. The competetion progresses to fight and tejas dream is broken by a sudden slap of Badka Sahab.

But then Tejas believes that his dream is now coming true as Badka Sahab announces that famous actress Monalisa is coming to entertain the participants. He and Subo jumps with delight and all others are happy too.

Soo remember to see the show on Mahua TV from 7 PM on Friday and Saturday this week.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)

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