Kasoor is a suspense thriller

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Post production work on Bhojpuri suspense thriller “Kasoor” has been completed. This is an action oriented movie in which Robin Khan is debuting as an actor. The story of the film goes like this :

A village Chandanpur. Dense forest on one side and green fertile fields on the other side. Villagers are simple and superstitious. This results in the supremacy of dark vodoo magic like “tantra-mantra”. Every month on a full moon night a virgin young girl disappears only to reappear as a corpse. No one knows who is the murderer !

It is in this backdrop that college educated Jai and Veeru come to the village and decide to fight and unravel this mystery. Gauri, daughter of a rich man, starts loving Jai and her brother Veer Singh fumes against this. He becomes enemy of Jai.

Ultimately Jai succeeds in catching that murderer and everyone is surprised to know his identity. Who is that murderer ? This is the suspense of the film “Kasoor” starring Robin Khan, Kalpana Shah, Manoj Tiger, Mahak Shukla, Manoj Dvivedi, Gopal Rai, Bipin Singh, Krishna Pandey, Ashok Tripathi, Vinod Tiwari, Menhadi Hasan, Omprakash Joshi, Ramesh Pandey, Sushil Kumar, Rajesh Mallick, Ritu Pandey, Shikha Mishra etc. Producer is Irfan Khan. Story screenplay dialogues and direction is by Ashok Tripathi Atri. Music is by K.Ratnesh, cameraman is Lokesh Bhandari, choreographer is Santosh Kumar, action master is Gabbar Singh, and editor is Kamal Sehgal.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)



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