Starting his acting career with Bhojpuria Bhaiya under the direction of Harry Fernandes, Sudip Panday has won the love and admiration of cineviewers with his superb acting. With his veryfirst film Sudip established himself as an action star of Bhojpuri cinema. He has been in many films like Bhojpuri Daroga, Maseeha Babu, Daroga Ji Chori Ho Gayeel, Chandu Ki Chameli, Brijwa, Sharabi etc. Now his another action film Kurbani is before the viewers.

The film is an action oriented film in which Sudip is playing the role of a domestic servant who is loyal to his mistress. He checks her many a times from doing something wrong. Produced by Ramoji Films Pvt.Ltd. this film has been directed by Fani Raj beautifully. Action scene are quite like Bollywood films. All the stunt scenes have been doe by Sudip himself.

Explainig his varied roles in different film Sudip says that an actor performs the role given to him by the director and this is the reason Sudip plays different type of character in each of his films. His forthcoming films are Humar Lalkaar, Mr. Tangewala, Pyaar Kare Ke Himmat Chahi, Lal Chingari etc.

(Source :Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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