Recently released Bhojpuri movie Bhojpuria Don has re-established the supremacy of mega star of Bhojpuri cinema Manoj Tiwari. Movie viewers in Bihar thronged the theatres like there was some mela going on. They came in hordes sitting on buses, all the four shows used to booked in advance in the morning itself. And all this happened in the month of Ramadan !

Many a times the viewers coming out of cinema halls raised slogans of “Manoj Bhiya Zindabad”. Booking counters faced fistifights among the viewers. Posters of the film were put on all the nook and corners of Bihar, Patna Jn. had special promo for the film on its CCTV, roadways buses had special posters and hordings and were showing special promo of the film. Theatres have school students carrying their school bags among the viewers.

All the viewers are appreciating the way Bhojpuria Don takes revenge for the beating of the street vendors and hawkers, and it is presumed that the film will prove to be biggest hit of the year.

The film has been directed by Ravi Sinha, a Bihari himself, and produced by Rakesh Kohli. The films encourages all the north Indians to fight their enemies with all their might and become an angry young man !

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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