Recently Manoj Tiwari and his wife Rani Tiwari were seen at the family courts of Bandra where they had came to finalise the legal requirements for their mutual divorce. Manoj Tiwari has failed to convince his wife who has always suspected about the extra marital affairs of Manoj Tiwari. The marriage was tenterhooks for long and was at its worst during the Bigg Boss season 4 days when Shweta Tiwari and Manoj Tiwari both were present in the house. The viewers has then got the hint about the family trouble of Manoj Tiwari.
After the Bigg Boss the matter had appeared to calm down but it did not last longer. Both, Rani and Manoj, are living separately for some time and now divorce is finalised.
Shweta Tiwari too has got divorced from her husband Raja Chaudhary, a small time actor, who failed to behave like a responsible husband. Raja has got so wayward that Mumbai Police had sent him on tadipar, out of Mumbai.
No one knows what is the truth or what is going to happen in future. The photo used here is a file photo.

(Source : News Media)


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