For the first time the megastar of Bhojpuri cinema Manij Tiwari has been paired with the beautiful dame Sangeeta Tiwari in film ‘Insaaf’ produced by Abhay Sinha and directed by Ajay Srivastava. Manoj and Sangeeta are husband wife in the film and have many beautiful scenes and melodious songs picturised on them.

Made on a family centered story the film also stars super star Pawan Singh, Krisha Khandelwal, Urvashi Chaudhary, Avantika, Siddhartha Rai, Ravi Ujjain, Priya Pandey, Santosh Srivastava, Deepak Sinha, Anup Arora, and Gajendra Chauhan. Some lyrics and music are by Ashok Kumar Deep, some other lyrics are by Vinay Bihari.

Seema Singh is also in a titillating item song. Cameraman is Shakeel Ansari, story screenplay by Ajay Srivastava, dialogues by Manoj Kushwaha, dance directions by Ramdevan, Kanu Mukherjee and Pappu Khanna, action by Shakeel Sheikh, art by Vijay Das and executive producer is Anjanikant Srivastava.

Abhay Sinha, producer of the film, has given many block buster Bhojpuri films in the past which include Bandhan Tute Na, Pyar Ke Bandhan, Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke, Raja Thakur, Janam Janam Ke Saath, Hum Bahubali, and Ranbhoomi.

Insaaf will be released during Durga Puja festival.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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