Full of action and fighting scenes.
Munna Bajrangi film poster

Usually the Bhojpuri Film makers do not go beyond sticks, firearms and explosives. This is more due to shoe string budget which does not allow them to experiment with technologically strong but costlier options. Cable fight is one of these techniques which has been extensively used in Munna Bajarangi. This has cost its producer at least 25 lakhs only for fighting scenes.

Confirming the news, Indrani Mukerjea, Founder & CEO, INX Media Pvt. Ltd said, “Yes, it is true that Ravi Kissen will henceforth host the show alongside Smriti & Sakshi. It is to keep up with our promise of dishing out bigger, better and fresher to our viewers. We just thought of bringing in a male celeb host to accompany the females hosts in order to make the show more interesting.”

Producer Reena S. Pasi says that her film is based on student politics and mafias. This film has been directed by K.D., a well known director of Bhojpuri Films with many super hts to his credits. Nirahua Rickshawalla is one such film which was released last year.

Two lead heroes of the film, played by Vikrant Singh and Sushil Singh, are friends. Bajarangi (Vikrant) follows the path of violance and revenge against the villains who have destroyed his family and vitiated the social atmosphere. Munna (Sushil) always helps him.

Music Director is Rajesh Gupta. Lyrics have been written by Vinay Bihari. Story and dialogues are written by Santosh Mishra.

(Originally published in BhojpuriFilm.org in April 2008, Source


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