Bhojpuri film “Nacha Gava Maja Kara” had its musical launching recently at Pancham Studio. Produced under the banner of KBC Pictures by Producers Sharad Bagla and Umesh Yadav “Nacha Gava Maja Kara” is starring Mohan Rathod and Alok Kumar, winners of Sur Sangram – the reality show on Mahuaa TV. They are also going to do the singing along with Kalpana, Indu Sonali, Dalia, and Anuradha Singh. The other stars in the film include Punam Sagar, Pari Singhania, Sugandha, Maya Yadav, Sunita Singh, Sanjay Yadav, Ratan Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Saumya, Manju Srivastava, Sanjay Verma, Rajkumar, Sonam, and Manoj Verma with others.

Director of the film is Rajkumar Bagla, writer is Hriday Mishra, screenplay and dialogue writer is Lalit Shukla, lyricists are Subodh Gandhi and Rustam Ghayal, music director is Raj Sen, choreographer Gyan Singh, cameraman Karim Khatri, production manager Sagar Jaiswal and co-producer is Kamlesh Chauhan.

Start to finish shooting schedule of the film is going to start from 20th May and it will be done at Surve Farm House in Panvel of Mumbai.

(Source : Samarjeet)

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