Recently the musical muhurt of Bhojpuri film “Tadipar Muzrim” was done at J.Krishna Studio in Mumbai. Produced under the banner of SOS Cinevision by Nikhil Nanda and Raman Kumar this film is based on a story by Ashok Tripathi Atri who is the director also. The muhurt was done by recording a song in the voice of Udit Narayan and Kalpana under the music direction of Satish Ajay. Lyrics are by Rajesh Mishra.

The promo and trailor of “Bulandi”, another film of SOS Cinevision, were also released on the occasion. Emimnent persoanalities of the industry, including Vikrant Singh, Manoj Dvivedi, Deepak Dubey, Baleshwar SIngh, Anara Gupta, Rakhi Tripathi, Brijqsh Tripathi, Gopal Rai, Nagesh Mishra, Heera Yadav, Roza Usmani and others, were present on the muhurt to congratulate the producers.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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