Famous musician of Hindi cinema Raj Sen, who has given music to many Hindi films including “Teri Meharbania, Arjun Deva, Khataro Ke Khiladi, Bazar, Shuroor” etc., is now a familiar name of Bhojpuri cinema. Raj Sen has given music to more than a dozen Bhojpuri films. Starting with “Babul Pyare” Raj Sen has given music for “Banke Bihari, Kanoon Hamar Mutthi Me, Ab Ta Ban Ja Sajnava Hamar, Pyar Jab Kehu Se Ho Jala, Purab Paschim” etc. Coming from a music related Rajasthani family Raj Sen does not care for the language of the film. He lives the life of music and understands only the language of music. He is thankful to Ravi Kishan, Udit Narayan and Deepa Narayan. Criticising those who shout from the roof tops against vulgarity in Bhojpuri cinema Raj Sen says that these people should listen Hindi film music like “Munni Badnam Hui” and “Sheela Ki Jawani” which are much more raunchy than Bhojpuri songs. The upcoming films with music by Raj Sen include “Pind Daan, Khela, Tehalaka” and “Shooter Shukla”.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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