The best Bhojpuria actress Rinku Ghosh will raise the issue of daughter’s rights in paternal property in her forthcoming film “Saiya Driver Bibi Khalasi”. This will be the first Bhojpuri film to raise this issue and as far as I can rememebr no Hindi film has ever raised this issue till date. This film will also expose the materialistic views overshadowing even the blood relationship. It will show the social degradation for money which is harming the warmth of family relationship. How we sacrifice our humanity for a small money. But at the same time it will also show that there are still people like Dulariya who give importance to relationship above anyt other thing, and who maintains not only the living relationship but also the dead ones.

Husband of Dulariya is murdered in the film and her father brings her back to her maternal home. Her brothers and bhabhis take proper care of hers but everything changes when the father registers one and a half bigha land to her for her future maintenance. Brothers and bhabhis then start doing everything to chase her out of the property. However despite all this Dulariya maintain her devotion to the family and does everything possible for it.

The film is based on a novel written by Ramdhari Singh Diwakar. Nilay Upadhyay has changed the story enough to make a great screenplay. He has presented the past and present of the social relationship in a very beautifull way. Direction of Anjani Kumar is very good and the film is worth enjoying sitting with one’s family.

The film will be released in November.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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