The number one villain of Bhojpuri films, Sanjay Pandey has been signed for the lead villain role in ‘Devta’. The film will be produced by Vijay Prasad and directed by Brij Bhushan. Dialogue writter Manoj Pandey has specially written ‘dhansu’ dialogues for his character. It is said about Sanjay Pandey that he is more human in reality than he is inhuman in the films and perhaps this is the secret behind his success.

Sanjay Pandey has also done main villain role in “Tohre Pyar Me” produced by Laxman B.SIngh under the banner of Bal Kishan Entertainment. Director of this film is Manoj S.Tomar. Talking about Sanjay Pandey producer Laxman Singh tells that Sanjay Pandey has worked in many big banner films and all his films have succeeded on the boxoffice.He always dreamed of working with Sanjay Pandey in one of his films and “Tohare Pyar Me” has made that desire a reality.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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