The small screen is always busy with Saas Bahu serials and are very popular shows. Now the Bhojpuri screen is going to display the titbits between a son-in-law and father-in-law in the film Sasuro Kabbo Damad Rahal. Made under the banner of Shiv Bam Pictures by Shiv Kumar S.Gupta the film is directed by Shailesh Srivastava and is going to be an entertaining comedy film.

Famous singer Guddu Rangeela is in the lead role as the son-in-law of Anad Mohan. His beloved who becomes wife later in the film is played by Sangeeta Tiwari. Shakti Kapoor is also in an important role playing the manager of a drama group. Other stars of the film include Poonam Sagar, Rajan Modi, Shiv KumarS.Gupta, Motilal Yadav, Komal Arya and Shela Khan.

There are three item numbers in the film done by Seema Singh and Poonam Gautam This is a pur masala film which presents full entertainment for the viewers. Music is Aman Shlok, lyrics by Ashok Shivpuri, Amarendra Darpan, and Arvind Tiwari. Co-producers are Rajesh Jaysawal and Jaldhari Yadaf. Story and dialogues are by Vinod Mishra, dance direction by Bhupi and Gyan Singh, camera Jayanto Ghosh and executive producer is Zafar Khab. The film is at post production stage and is expected to release at Durga Puja.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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