Recently a two days shooting schedule of Om Series Movie “Ghulami” was done at Naygaon of Mumbai. This action oriented film has eight songs and is presenting Sajid Khan as hero for the first time and the lead actress is Priya Kapoor. Written and directed by Mithilesh Avinash the film is based on Naxalism and cruelty of rich on the poor. Lyrics are by Sachchidanand Kavach and Munna Dubey, music by Gunvant Sen, camera by Nandu Chaudhary, choreography of Praveen Kumarand fights by Reyaz Sultan. Main stars of the film are Viraj Bhatt, Sajid Khan, Priya Kapoor, Raju Khan, Nirupama Shri, Akhilesh Raj, Sameer Shekh, Kuldeep, Mehnaz, Hari Sharan and Ram Singh etc. Film is going to be released in December.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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