Bhojpuri film “Tohare Se Biyah Karab” is a tale of two lovers out to protest crime, social evils, and caste boundaries. They want to encourage socially backwards to move ahead but have to face all kinds of hurdles. The social villains never want our society to progress but when there is an social awakening they beat a hasty retreat or are destroyed. Produced by Ashok Kumar and Mukesh Ram this film is written-directed by Kumar Vikal. The film starrs Mithilesh Alebla, Devika Ghosh, Raj Malhotra, Jyoti Verma, Indrani Singh, Narayan Chaudhary, Anil, Majnoo Dada, Dr.Ranbir, Gautam, Binay, Amaresh, Ganga Ram, Rajkumar, Umesh and Sukhen etc. Music is by Nagendra Chaudhary, editor is Debojit, cameraman is Ratan Shah Ghosh, production designer is S.K.Gupta. Kusharam is presenting the film. “Tohare Se Biyah Karab” is releasing this month in Bihar and Bengal.

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