I am famous because of my fans : Ravi Kishan

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The evergreen super star of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishan, is shining all over. He is spreading his charm over Bhojpuri cinema for the last ten years and has recorded his presence effectively in Hindi cinema, TV Shows, Ad films, as well as stage shows. Everywhere Ravi Kishan is in demand. As far as Bhojpuri films are concerned, Ravi Kishan starrer film “Devra Bada Satavela” is said to be the biggest block buster this year. His other films “Balidaanm, Satyamev Jayate, Jara Deb Duniya Tohra Pyaar Me, and Lahariya Luta Ae Raja Ji” all did record breaking business this year. Uaday Bhagat interviewed Ravi Kishan recently about his journey through films, his grand successes, and his future plans. Present here are the excerpts :

In addition to Bhojpuri films you have left your imprint on Hindi films too. What more are you doing ?
This is true that I am doing Hinid films and TV shows despite heavily engaged in Bhojpuri films too. If you have commitment and dedication, your involvement increases in every field you go. I am happy to be part of films by Mani Ratnam, Shyam Benegal etc., stalwarts of Hindi cinema, in additon to be in the films by unknown producers. Reality is that work is worship for me and this is my work and honesty that I am so busy. At one end I am in “Agent Vinod” of Saif Ali Khan, while on the other I am in Sur Sangram -2 of “Mahuaa TV”. I am returning on “Imagine TV” in addition to performing in Big Boss 4 too.

You are also doing ad-films ?

Yes. I am working in many ads like. I am also brand ambassador for companies like Shikhar Paan Masal, GISCO saria, Parle G, Dabur etc. in Bihar and U.P.

Today you are on the top of success. How it feels ?

Who does not like success ! But, I feel no harm in saying that I have worked very hard for this. I still remember the days when I use to stand for hours in front of production houses. Today people wait for me in those very companies. Once your fans start loving you all the doors open for you. People’s reaction to you changes too.

Who will you credit for your success ?
My parents. Certainly. It is due to their blessings and love of my fans that people in all walks of life are respecting me. My family too has share in my success. They encouraged in my bad days.

It is said that you have raised your price after five consecutive hits.
I never raised my price. I always move with the times. That is the reason I am still in Bhojpuri film industry. If some producer gives me value, it is due to his faith in me and my abilities. Pavan Sharma has signed me for a high price after his film “Jaa Deb Duniya Tohra Pyaar Me” was a super hit. Today many producers are offering higher prices on their own.

Why are people mad for you ?
I am a wife doting husband in “Devra Bada Satavela”. Did three different roles in “Balidaan”. I prefer the role of that sixty years old whose steps agains injustice has inspired the common man. “Satyamev Jayate” is a complete film. It has superb action as well as a masala mix attracting all the viewers. “Jara Deb Duniya Tohra Pyaar Me’ is a love story. This film was shown in two prestigiouos film festivals, Cannes and Toranto. I am an action hero in “Lahariya Loota Ae Raja Ji”.

You are known for working with new actresses. You have launched three actresses this year too. What is the reason ?
(laughing) Yes, this is true that in “Balidaan” there was Ambika from Dubai, In “Satyamev Jayate” Akshra was introduced, and in “jara Deb Duniya Tohra Pyaar Me” Shikha was introduced. This is merely by chance that at least two dozen actresses have started their filmi career in films with me.

You are ruling the industry for last ten years. How ?
I dont think this as ruling. This is the love shown by viewers, producers, and directors to me. This is the love of my fans that many big companies are coming to Bhojpuri industry and I am their first choice. this is their love for me that they choose me when they decided to produce a film. Sham Parvani is a NRI, Anil Singh is a builder-developer, and Pawan Sharma is a big industrialist. They all signed me for their films when they choose to produce a film.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)



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